Essential Oils

8 Things I love about Essential Oils

 #1: Essential oils can be used for everything

When I first started using essential oils, I was oblivious to the fact that they were SO versatile.

It wasn’t until a year or so later that I realized they really can be used for everything. Now.. I use essential oils in almost every area of my life:

  • To support a healthy garden
  • When I clean my house
  • In my laundry routine
  • To help me ward off sugar cravings
  • To help me stay hydrated
  • To help me find better rest
  • To ditch toxic personal care products and make my own
  • To help me keep myself healthy
  • And to help me keep my emotions in the best shape possible

If you peruse my house, you’ll find them in almost every room, in the car, and in the bottom of my purse.

I have no idea how I lived without them.

#2: Essential oils can be used a variety of ways

Oils might just be overwhelming to most, but the truth is, they can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

Combine a few drops of essential oil with epsom salt and add to a warm bath – or, pick up a pack of roller fitments and pop one on the top to create a roll-on version of your favorite scents. Although putting on a roller fitment isn’t super easy at first.. after you do it once, you’ll kick yourself for not learning how to do it before.

No, special tools aren’t even needed – you can use the cap on an essential oil bottle to remove the orifice, place the roller fitment on top of the bottle, screw on the black cap and voila.

You can add your essential oils to the diffuser to help support a healthy mood, help you focus on work, or even rest at night – and thankfully there are tons and tons of diffuser blends to help you do that.

One thing is certain – no matter how you use them, they have a profound effect on your health and wellness.

#3: Everyone can use essential oils

Sometimes people assume that you have to be the crunchy, hippie type to use essential oils. Believe it or not, everyone is on their own health journey.

And no matter what health journey you are on, oils can help everyone.

If you clean your house, wear deodorant, take a bath, wash your face, and do laundry, then there is room for improvement. The truth is, we are all exposed to harsh, commercial toxic chemicals in many aspects of our lives. These toxic fragrances and chemicals can wreck havoc on our immune system, throw our hormones out of whack and lead to heavy, painful periods (women).

That isn’t normal.

It’s time to make the changes needed to move in a better direction – and essential oils can help with those changes. While women traditionally represent the largest majority of essential oil users, men use essential oils too.

Some more than others.

I think we are all looking for ways to help ourselves feel better in many aspects of our lives, and thankfully these bottles can help you do that.

#4: Research on essential oils is available

Believe it or not, there is research on essential oils. There is just not enough – and that is ok, for now. Research is pretty complex though – it’s not super easy to understand, but it is there.

Because it is complex, and difficult to understand, we have been trained to think that it isn’t enough, and that for some reason it’s inaccessible. That couldn’t be more incorrect. Studies are there, in black and white and it’s up to you to take the initiative to reference them.

#4: There is always one person who takes things too far

Everyone is in a different place when it comes to essential oils. Some people may not realize essential oils can be photosensitive – thus, slathering on facial or body cream with a citrus oil may not be in their best interest if you plan on going to the tanning salon.

In fact, it’s probably not a good idea to put citrus oils on your face and step out into the sun either.

No matter what subject, there are always those that take things a little farther than they should, and as a result, the fear mongering starts… warnings go out and scare tactics are used. The truth is, the majority of those who use essential oils are more than understanding of the safety involved, and are intelligent enough to use them safely, and also know that making claims with essential oils isn’t in our best interest.

Each and every person has their own level of comfort when using essential oils and that’s something we all have to learn to respect.

#5: The FDA is particular about essential oils

Believe it or not, the FDA does regulate our oils – and they do to keep people safe. Essential oils are not FDA approved. Neither are your vitamins, or probiotics. Neither are your supplements. 😉 Although there is always room for improvement when it comes to what companies do or say, one thing is certain: none of our vitamins, probiotics, or essential oils are approved to diagnose, treat or cure any type of disease.

#6: Being a wholesale member is pretty incredible

I know you can get essential oils at just about any store out there. Even Kohl’s sells essential oils. Lets talk about that a second: you can’t compare essential oils from Kohl’s to a high quality essential oil that you would get elsewhere.

That is just laughable.

I started on my oily journey as a wholesale member in 2016 – what started as a desire to fulfill curiosity led to me tossing out everything in my cabinet under the sink and over 25 DIY’s for my personal care.

And I’m not done yet.

Picking up 11 oils and a starter kit was one of the best moves I have ever made in my life – it helped me gain perspective on the not so pleasant things I was allowing my family to use, and replacing them with better, healthy options. And that was worth more than life itself.

It’s always a fear that getting involved with something will yield to constantly being pestered – but I have never had that problem. I don’t like to be pestered, so I avoid pestering people myself – some of us want to be left alone. So while the thought of enrolling with someone as a wholesale member worries you, just make sure you look for someone who will respect your wishes to be left alone – because there are some of us who are like that ourselves.

#7: Your collection of oils doesn’t make you more of an oiler than the next person

Having 300 – 500 essential oils doesn’t make you more serious about your oils than the next person. That’s like saying that someone with 5 brand new cars in the driveway has a better, more high paying job.

The truth is.. you can have a million bottles of oil and be in debt up to your eyeballs.

Just like having the biggest house and 5 brand new cars can mean that you are living a life of plastic. Not always, but .. in many cases.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need a myriad of bottles just to be serious about your oils. Like I said before, we are all at a different point in our health care journey and if Lemon, Thieves and Peppermint are your go-to for 99.9% of life’s issues, then that’s all that matters.

#8: Essential oils can minimize your life

Minimalism is pretty huge. If you aren’t aware, the Miniamlists are authors, speakers, and podcasters that talk about living large on less. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are pretty incredible to follow and listen to and if you haven’t seen their documentary or listened to their podcasts, you are missing out.

If you don’t work towards getting rid of excess stuff in your life, you should try it, because it’s pretty stinkin’ amazing. Essential oils can change your life. My cabinet under the sink hasn’t ever been so empty – my shelves in the laundry room haven’t ever been so bare.

Sure, I do wash clothes. I clean my house. But instead of perusing for sales, driving around town and clipping a myriad of worthless coupons, I make my own cleaners. I don’t have to leave the house and I don’t have to succumb to a myriad of chemicals that are rated as carcinogenic toxic substances.

Having lots of stuff really is stressful. Having less stuff is the best feeling ever.

I hope that you appreciate these tips that I shared – I’d love to hear the tips that you may have learned over the years too.

Essential oils are such a huge subject, and it can be quite overwhelming for those that are new and just starting out. No matter what point you are at in your journey, one thing is certain: we are all looking for something better – not just for ourselves, but for our family.

And that is something to definitely worthy of praise.

Love & Sparkle,


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